Lineup Schedule

Saturday Lineup

Saturday TimeMain Stage Saturday TimeBayou Stage
10:00-11:00Yoga session11:00-12:00Guitar Workshop
11:00-12:00Photography Workshop12:00-1:00Harmonica Workshop
12:00-1:00Keyboard Workshop1:30-3:00Josh Hoyer
1:00-2:15Claudettes3:15-4:45Miss Blues
2:15-2:45Blues Encounter5:00-6:30Nic Clark, Taylor Scott, Andy Sydow
2:45-4:00Taylor Scott Band6:45-8:15Trudy Lynn & Steve Krase
4:00-4:30Blues Encounter9:30-11:30Jam with Billy Branch
4:30-5:45Billy Branch Orchestra
5:45-6:15Anne Harris
6:15-7:30Cherry Poppin' Daddies
7:30-8:00Anne Harris
8:00-9:30Los Lonely Boys

Sunday Lineup

Sunday TimeMain Stage ArtistSunday TimeBayou Stage Artist
10:00-11:00Yoga session11:00-12:00Guitar Workshop
11:00-12:00Keyboard Workshop12:00-1:00Harmonica Workshop
12:00-1:00Photography Workshop1:30-3:00Anne Harris
1:00-2:15Dexter Allen3:15-4:45Claudettes
2:15-2:45Super Chikin5:00-6:30Lionel Young
2:45-4:00Josh Hoyer & the Shadowboxers6:45-8:15Ken Saydak, John Stilwagon, Mike Hurwitz
4:00-4:30Super Chikin9:30-11:30Jam with N. Clark, T. Scott, A. Sydow
4:30-5:45Blinddog Smokin'
5:45-6:15Super Chikin
7:30-8:00Super Chikin
8:00-9:30Big Sam's Funky Nation


13 thoughts on “Lineup Schedule
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    1. Nick Campbell

      Thanks Tarry! We are quite pleased with it. We are looking forward to another great festival! Carl (the festival director) does a fantastic job finding talent and making the schedule. We hope you enjoy the show, thanks for visiting our website!

      1. Steve Holmquist

        Just a note on Carl and Blinddog Smokin’. I cannot believe how many people, especially Laramie and Wyoming people have no idea what an incredible event the Snowy Range Music Festival is. Its the closest thing you’re going to get to Woodstock in Wyoming. And definitely dedicated to those who prescribe to the notion I’m not going to die until I’m dead.

        Every year I’ve been there it is nothing short of living, breathing art created right before your very eyes. As long as you are there to see it.

  3. Steve Holmquist

    Man I can’t wait. I’m throwing my camp together now and plan to be there early. And I’m sure everyone is going to be great. It has been that way every time I’ve been to the Snowy Range Music Festival.

    But you can bet I’ll try to catch every note of Taylor Scott, my man Nic Clark, and Anne Harris. Everyone has their favorites but these are three of mine.


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